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Come All Ye presents The Folk Cabaret

Every second Thursday of the month at The Blue Moon, Cambridge

A folk-roots night with a house band, guest artists and a quiz

Live music 8pm-10pm

+ weird’n’wonderful folk / world records until late

Free entry!

So what’s a Folk Cabaret? Is it actually a cabaret?

The Folk Cabaret is not a folk club, it’s not a concert, it’s not a pub gig, and no, it’s not really a cabaret.

Okay, so what is it?

Well, we hope it might end up feeling more like a folk festival squeezed into a pub backroom.

I'm trying to picture this, but help me out here - describe the scene.


Bustle at the bar. Impromptu collaborations. Fiddle players running Banish Misfortune in D on the street outside while smokers look on in bemusement. Like stepping into the Club Tent at Cambridge Folk Festival to find the box player from one of the main stage acts has randomly joined an old songwriter friend on stage to sing harmonies, or stumbling into a backstreet Dublin pub to find The Pogues having a whisky-fuelled jam by the dartboard.

Somewhere to get together, listen to some great music, make some new friends, maybe give us a song or play something with the band. Or just call in for a drink.


Okay, so it’s like a community thing?


That's exactly what it is. Essentially, we – Greg McDonald, Sam Inglis and a group of like-minded musicians from the Cambridge and wider East Anglia music scene – are hoping to create a bit of a musical community.


The Cambridge and wider East Anglia folk scene has never been more vibrant, largely thanks to the inspiring and tireless work of some wonderful folk club and festival organisers, DJs, writers, singers and musicians.


But something occurred to us: while hundreds of us put countless hours into this stuff, and we see each other's videos on social media and catch each other's names on flyers, we very rarely actually cross paths, let alone get to hang out and feel like we're part of something.

So with the Folk Cabaret, we thought we’d have a bash at getting everyone along to the same pub once a month – so if you fancy just having a drink with some mates and treating the Folk Cabaret as an excuse to go out on a Thursday night and start the weekend a day early, that’s totally cool with us. It’s basically what we’ll be doing.


So it’s not really a Cabaret. But Is it really Folk?


It’s folk, but it’s folk in the widest, most interesting and most inclusive sense, so everyone’s welcome: trad ballad singers, punk-folk screamers, prog-synth-folk experimentalists, original singer-songwriters, shanty groups, roots revivalists, retro-futurist psych-folk renegades. Inclusivity and community are our watchwords.

Sounds great – so how do I get involved?


If you’d like to play at the Folk Cabaret as a guest artist or with the band just drop Greg a line at